This stage covers a very wide range of activities adapted to each client. We use a variety of tools adapted individually to both the needs of debtors and the needs of our business partners

Thus, the package of debts accepted for management is analyzed every time, and proper know-how, knowledge of the specifics of the industry and the process adapted to the type of debtors, makes it possible to effectively manage the portfolio and accurately plan debt collection activities.

As part of the pre-trial debt settlement, we pay great attention for establishing contact with the client and agreeing on the real possibility of debt repayment


At this stage, it is important to:

Establish timely contact with the debtor (update his contact details if necessary);
Get information about the financial condition of the debtor, the observation of the possibilities of debt repayment;
Discipline people who have debts

Advantages of pre-trial debt settlement:

High speed of achieving the goal by the customer;
Improving the portfolio quality;
Limiting the risk of rising payment arrears

Other types of activities

Monitoring Overdue Bills


Legal support of debt collection