Our mission

We help businesses to repay debts, by following the social, ethical and legal norms of the collection process, always respecting the people with whom we cooperate.

We offer to our clients

Solutions that help to improve business processes and increase the efficiency of their business.

We are constantly developing and implementing new improved and technological know-how in the field of repayment of overdue debts, using the accumulated international experience.

At the same time, we strictly comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including regulatory legal acts in the field of consumer rights protection, personal data, compliance with trade secrets and other laws, as well as ethical norms and standards.

Let the numbers speak for themselves!

It is profitable to cooperate with us for several reasons:

We save our clients' money: we have flexible terms of cooperation, and the amount of our remuneration is calculated from the amounts collected from debtors.

We work individually for each debtor: we find the optimal solution for the repayment of overdue debts for all parties, respecting the legitimate interests of both the debtor and the creditor.

We take the responsibility in front of our each client for disclosuring the commercial secrets, protecting personal data, we are responsible for reputational risks of our staff as well.

We are constantly improving the qualifications of our employees: we are persistently training our staff as professionals in the field of communication with debtors, positively affecting the reputation of the client himself

By giving the work with problem debt to us, you will have more time to work with the main business processes to improve their efficiency.

Your legal risks are reduced, because we are fully responsible for the actions of our employees and ready to provide legal support for each problematic case.

Our values


Mutual respect is the foundation of our business. We treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.


Together we can achieve more. We build relationships with our partners on the principles of transparency.


We are constantly developing regardless of the results we have achieved.


Everything should be simple and convenient for everyone! We try to make our processes simple, eliminating unnecessary links, and understandable for our customers.

We are trusted